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Kristin Bruni has been passionately photographing her native Chicago surroundings for the better part of  15 years.  Though her macro lens is typically focused on lake ripples, reflections, trees and flowers in her rock garden - some of her most complex and psychedelic work is actually created and shot in studio.  Acceptable as eye candy in their original form, the real magic behind her photo art emerges when she mirrors, duplicates, and transforms those images - unveiling extraordinary new realms within them. Subtle border details morph into enigmatic totems and celestial creatures, often evoking a uniquely non-terrestrial, kaleidoscopic vibe.   It's the thrill of revealing those realms that fuels her particular brand of artistry.  

There has always been an undercurrent of functionality in Kristin's artistic endeavors.  

Her mantra of cool usefulness, blends art into practical pieces via light boxes, puzzles, trays and bottle cap tables.

  She also stays busy sewing recycled denim into tool belts and aprons that are especially handy for her fellow artists & gardeners appreciating extra pockets to stash their phone or tools in.  On any given day, whichever media inspires her imagination, is sure to be visually captivating.   

Kristin attributes childhood pastimes to her creative concepts, "Growing up I had a series of geometric coloring books  that were my absolute favorite...packed with mandalas, tessellations and middle eastern tile designs that used color to invent  varied shapes and patterns - a definite correlation to my mirrored art   I was also that 70's kid who loved going to the local

hardware store to get lost in puffy vinyl wallpaper books.  Their technicolor motifs and funky textures fascinated me...

as did their odd, but appealing smell :-).  These were undoubtedly activities that left an indelible impression and sparked my affinity for vibrant symmetry and stylized linear perspectives ."




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